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How to apply Pre-Aging to wood furnitureUpdated a year ago

Consult the TDS prior to using Precolor Easy. 

Materials needed


Application process


  1. Sand according to industry guidelines. We recommend a final sanding grit of 120.
  2. Vacuum the surface.
  3. Clean using Raw Wood Cleaner.
  4. Allow the surface to dry completely.


  1. Shake Pre-Aging well.
  2. Mix in a painters tray, stirring thoroughly.
  3. Apply Pre-Aging to the surface using the Microfiber Bristle Pad. The Microfiber Bristle Pad regulates the amount of Pre-Aging being applied to the surface and is required for application.
  4. Work along the length of the boards in widths of 10-15". Avoid drips and puddles on the surface.
  5. Allow to fully dry. Approximately 24 hours when there is proper ventilation. It is perfectly normal for the surface to dry in ‘spots’ that follow the grain pattern. As long as the surface still looks ‘spotted’, it is not dry yet.
  6. Break the raised wood fibers using a maroon pad.
  7. Vacuum the surface.
  8. Finish the surface using Oil Plus 2C.

Clean up

  1. Clean your tools using water, or Raw Wood Cleaner.


To set you up for success, please review the Pre-Aging tips.

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