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How to apply Precolor Easy to flooringUpdated 6 months ago

Consult the TDS prior to using Precolor Easy. 

Materials needed


Application process


  1. If applicable, tape off the baseboards.
  2. Sand to NWFA guidelines. Finish with screening net 100. The color intensity depends on the sanding method used. When renovating, remove all residues from previous treatments completely (varnish, oil, wax, etc.).
  3. Vacuum the surface.
  4. Clean using Raw Wood Cleaner.
  5. Allow the surface to dry completely.


  1. Tape off areas of approximately 90 cm in the lengthwise direction of the boards.
  2. Stir the product thoroughly and regularly with a stirring stick. 
  3. Apply the Precolor Easy with a Microfiber Bristle Pad. Make sure to use enough of the product and cover the whole area. Afterward, smooth out the area again with the same Microfiber Bristle Pad. Make sure that this pad is thoroughly wrung out. 
  4. Now skip an area and follow the instructions in step 3 again for this next area. Finish the whole room in this way and remove the tape. Allow the surface to dry for approximately 12 hours 
  5. Now tape off the untreated areas and apply the Precolor Easy as described in step 3. Repeat until the whole floor is treated. Afterward remove the tape (tip: step on the already dried areas to remove the tape). 
  6. Allow the surface to dry for approximately 12 hours. The exact drying time depends on the foundation, moistening, temperature, and ventilation. 
  7. After drying, break the raised wood fibers with a floor polisher equipped with a red buffing pad and vacuum afterward.
  8. Apply Oil Plus 2C. Please consult the technical data sheet of the oil for a correct application. Be careful, in combination with Precolor Easy it is best to use a white pad instead of a beige or red one when applying the oil! 

Clean up

  1. Clean your tools using water, or Raw Wood Cleaner.


To set you up for success, please review the Precolor Easy tips.

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