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How to apply Universal Maintenance Oil to furnitureUpdated a year ago

Consult the TDS prior to using Universal Maintenance Oil.

Materials needed

  1. Surface Care Spray
  2. Universal Maintenance Oil
  3. Paint can opener
  4. Applicator Set
  5. Supply of clean terry cloths/towel
  6. Nitrile gloves
  7. Water filled metal can with a lid for safe disposal of oil-contaminated rags and pads.

Application process


  1. Clean the surface using Surface Care Spray.
  2. Let the surface dry for approximately 15 minutes.


  1. Shake the package of Universal Maintenance Oil to thoroughly mix the contents.
  2. Apply a small amount of oil with a brush, then spread it out using a white or red pad. Work in areas which can be finished within approximately 15 minutes, including the next step.
  3. Allow Universal Maintenance Oil to absorb for 3-5 minutes, then wipe away any excess oil with a cloth or a white pad. Each treated area should be wiped dry within 15 minutes and should not feel sticky when complete.

Clean up

  1. Tools can be cleaned using Raw Wood Cleaner.
Rags saturated in oil are combustible and require proper disposal. Here are some oily rags safety tips from the NFPA.

Cure times

View Universal Maintenance Oil cure times.


To set you up for success, please review the Universal Maintenance Oil tips.

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