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How to renovate previously finished vertical exterior surfaces with WoodCreamUpdated a year ago

Consult the TDS prior to using WoodCream. 

Materials needed

Application process


  1. In case of extremely soiled and oily wood or mildew stains, the wood must be cleaned with a mixture of 10% Exterior Wood Cleaner and water. The wood must be thoroughly rinsed with water after the use of Exterior Wood Cleaner and before application. Consult the accompanying TDS before use. 
  2. Remove all loose coatings or wood fibers (sanding, steel, or brass brush). 
  3. Remove sanding dust from the surface and wipe dry. 


  1. Stir WoodCream well before applying it (undiluted), carefully and evenly, to the vertical surface with a block brush suitable for water-beading products. Work with the grain in sections approximately 3 to 4 boards wide. It’s best to keep a wet edge. In one motion, use an application brush to perform a final pass, ensuring the WoodCream application is even and consistent.
  2. Apply a second layer in order to prevent gloss differences between raw wood and patches where the old coating was still present. 

Clean up

  • Rinse the brush used to apply WoodCream in water.


To set you up for success, please review the WoodCream tips.

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