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How to use Exterior Wood Cleaner on furnitureUpdated a year ago

Consult the TDS prior to using Exterior Wood Cleaner. 

Materials needed


Application process

  1. First, dampen the surface with water. Use a garden hose, but never a high-pressure cleaner.
  2. Take Exterior Wood Cleaner and pour it in a bucket. Always use gloves and be careful the product doesn't get in the eyes. 
  3. Now, apply some undiluted Exterior Wood Cleaner and scrub it with a nylon scrubbing brush in the lengthwise direction of the wood. This will cause the product to foam.
  4. Once the wood is clean, rinse thoroughly with water until the foam has disappeared.
  5. Allow the surface to dry completely.


To set you up for success, please review the Exterior Wood Cleaner tips.

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