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How to use Tannin RemoverUpdated a year ago

Consult the TDS prior to using Tannin Remover.

Materials needed

  1. Tannin Remover
  2. Clean cloth


Application process

  1. Spray Tannin Remover on the spot or stain.
  2. Allow several minutes for absorption.
  3. Dab dry with a cloth or a paper towel (do not wipe!).
  4. Clean the whole surface thoroughly after. Use a damp cloth for this or clean with Surface Care Spray.
  5. Allow the surface area to dry.


  • Before using Tannin Remover, attempt to remove the stain using Surface Care Spray.
  • We highly recommend that you first test the product on a non-visible part of the wood, to test the effect of the product on your specific wood type.
  • For the removal of stubborn stains, you may need to repeat the application process several times until the stains have completely disappeared.
  • After treatment with Tannin Remover or if the stain has penetrated too deeply into the wood, it may be necessary to locally reapply some oil in the original color.
  • Do not use Tannin Remover on surfaces treated with reactive products (ex: Fumed).
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