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How to use Woodfiller QuickUpdated a year ago

Consult the TDS prior to using Woodfiller Quick. 

Materials needed


Application process


  1. Mix 5 parts of Woodfiller Quick powder with 2 parts of water. The blend can be used immediately.


  1. Use the putty knife to apply Woodfiller Quick to the void. Use pressure and make sure the void is completely filled with Woodfiller Quick. Woodfiller Quick may bulge slightly while drying.
  2. Allow the Woodfiller Quick to fully dry before sanding it. Depending on thickness, it is typically dry after 2 hours (68°C and 40% relative humidity).
  3. Once dry, sand Woodfiller Quick flush with the surface.

Clean up

  1. Application tools may be cleaned using water.


  • Only mix as much Woodfiller Quick as is needed immediately.
  • When choosing a Woodfiller Quick color, opt for the color closest to the desired finish color. Example: if you are working with a light wood, and want a dark finish, use Woodfiller Quick dark.
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