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Hybrid Wood Protector tipsUpdated a year ago

  • Always do a test first with our 20ml color samples to determine the right color on the wood.
  • Preparation is crucial for a good coating performance. Both new, aged and previously treated wood should always be cleaned in advance with Exterior Wood Cleaner.
  • If the wood surface has previously been treated with a finish other than Hybrid Wood Protector, the previous finish must be removed before applying Hybrid Wood Protector. Ensure that any previous finish is completely removed by sanding starting with a low grit and working up in consecutive grits (e.g... 40, 60, 80, 100, 120).
  • Hybrid Wood Protector must not be diluted under any circumstances.
  • When applying Hybrid Wood Protector to horizontal surfaces, add 10% Part B.
  • When mixed with Part B, pot life is 4-6 hours. Only mix what you can use up within that time frame.
  • When using different batches on one project, mixing them for a consistent color result is recommended.
  • Never apply in direct sunlight and/or at temperatures under 50°F (10°C). Only work when weather conditions are dry.
  • Do not cover and do not place heavy objects on the surface until it is completely dry.
  • Horizontal surfaces need to be rubbed dry if they are exposed to rain within 24-36 hours after applying the oil.
  • When the use of Exterior Wood Cleaner is not possible, it is required to sand the wood with the correct grit sandpaper. We recommend 100-120 grit for most wood surfaces & 60-80 grit for exotic wood species and all horizontal exposed decking wood.
  • The smoother the surface, the less oil and pigments will penetrate into the wood, resulting in a less colored and protected surface.
  • Hybrid Wood Protector is breathable and therefore does not prevent the bleeding of natural wood extractives like tannins (cedar, redwood, etc...) or salts from the wood when in contact with water.
  • Rubio Monocoat oils are developed with environmentally friendly ingredients. However, some people can be allergic to certain elements. Therefore, we advise wearing gloves during application to protect your skin.
  • Only use Rubio Monocoat maintenance and cleaning products.
  • New, water-repellant pressure-treated wood must dry and weather for approximately 6-12 months before starting surface preparation and coating.
  • Once the wood surface is sufficiently prepared, apply Hybrid Wood Protector within one week on all horizontal wood substrates and within 3-4 weeks on vertical exposed wood substrates.
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