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Pre-Aging tipsUpdated a year ago

  • Take into account that the basic color, the grain structure and the porosity of the wood may affect the end result. A wood type with a red undertone, for example, will have a different effect than new, light-colored pinewood. That is why it is important to always apply a sample first.
  • The Microfiber Bristle Pad is critical for a successful application of Pre-Aging. The pad is not as wide as other microfiber pads, for optimum user comfort. The structure of the fibers has been developed in such a way that the product is not sucked up, which would result in unnecessary high consumption. The hard microfibers in the pad ensure less resistance during the application of the product. Unlike other microfiber pads, you don’t have to push so hard on the pad and the product is distributed easily and evenly. 
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