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SheenPlus tipsUpdated 9 months ago

  • It is mandatory to add the SheenPlus component B in the correct ratio to the SheenPlus component A. 
  • It is important to allow a minimum drying time of 24 hours between the application of the Oil Plus 2C and the SheenPlus. To avoid color pull when applying SheenPlus, allow Oil Plus 2C to completely dry. If you notice excessive color pull, give the Oil Plus 2C more time to dry before applying SheenPlus. 
  • When applying SheenPlus to floors on-site, it's important to use a floor buffer. 
  • After applying SheenPlus, the curing process takes 7 days. It is important to only use dry cleaning methods during this period. Afterward, damp cleaning can be done with Universal Soap, Surface Care Spray or a water-dampened mop. We recommend cleaning with a microfiber mop or damp cloth no more than once a week. 
  • Do not apply too much product to avoid the surface becoming sticky. 
  • Due to the higher viscosity, we recommend using a red pad for the initial application and spreading of the SheenPlus instead of a white one. 
  • To ensure optimal results, it is recommended to apply SheenPlus on a surface that has been freshly coated with Oil Plus 2C. Do not allow more than a week to pass. It is crucial to make sure that the surface is unused and clean before applying SheenPlus.
  • The product may not be diluted.
  • If the layout of the flooring area being treated does not allow you to work without standing in the still wet product, use a white pad to stand on during application.
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