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DuroGrit tipsUpdated 3 months ago

  • To determine the desired color, always do a small test first with one of our color samples on identically sanded and prepared wood.
  • A good preparation is crucial for good protection. Always prepare the wood with Exterior Wood Cleaner, including if the wood is new.
  • Stir the product well before application. When using several containers at one site, it is recommended to mix them for an even result.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the surface during application and only work in frost-free conditions and when weather conditions are dry.
  • In case of rough/weathered wood, highly absorbent woods, or for deck application, you can add up to a maximum 20% water to the DuroGrit for a better spreadability of the product.
  • Do not cover and do not place heavy objects on the surface until it is completely cured.
  • Only use our maintenance and cleaning products.
  • Our products are developed with environmentally friendly ingredients. However, some people can be allergic to certain elements. Therefore, we advise wearing gloves during application to protect your skin.
  • Tape off first and work between the grooves. Tape off anything that should not be treated, splashed, smeared, or spilled on, including anything sensitive to overlaps.
  • The product can also be applied with a spray gun.
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