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How to re-oil or renovate siding with DuroGritUpdated 3 months ago

Consult the TDS prior to using DuroGrit.

Materials needed


Application process


  1. Remove all residues of old applications by sanding the surface scratch-free. End with 80-grit sandpaper, do not sand smoother. The smoother you sand, the less product can penetrate in the wood and the less intense the color (and protection) will be. 

    • If your wood is too dirty to start sanding right away, first clean it with either water or Exterior Wood Cleaner. By already removing a lot of dirt beforehand, your sandpaper won't get clogged up right away when sanding.
  2. Clean the siding with Exterior Wood Cleaner and let it dry.


Only work in frost-free and dry conditions and avoid application of DuroGrit when rain is expected within 10 hours of application.

  1. Tape off anything that should not be treated or could be splashed, smeared, or prone to overlap.
  2. Stir the DuroGrit a few minutes before use.
  3.  Apply the product evenly to the siding with a good quality, firm bristle paintbrush, suitable for waterborne coatings. Work in the direction of the wood installation, always covering the full length. For vertically installed boards, this means from top to bottom, and for horizontally installed wood from left to right (or vice versa). So never stop in the middle of a board but only at a natural break (e.g. a seam, edge, staircase, etc.). Work in small sections of approximately 1 or 2 boards wide. Always apply sufficient product and brush again afterward to avoid start/stop and brush marks (remember not to exert too much pressure on the brush).
    • Tip: Maintain a wet edge to avoid lap marks.
    • Errors created during application (start marks, brush marks, lap marks, …) can be touched up on the wet surface up to 15 minutes after application (depending on the weather conditions). Apply a little extra DuroGrit on the mark. Put some pressure on your brush so the product that has already been applied dissolves and mixes with the new one. Finally, smooth out until you no longer have brush marks.
  4. Let the siding dry for about 3 hours. Complete curing takes place after 3 days (at 68°F / 20°C).
    • Keep in mind that low temperatures, poor ventilation, and relative humidity significantly slow down the drying and curing process

Clean up

  • Brushes and tools used to apply DuroGrit can be cleaned with water after use.


  • In general we recommend a yearly visual check-up just after the winter season.
  • Please check for the presence of the following two points:
    • Dirt & green deposits; clean with low-pressure water and a soft brush or use Exterior Soap (consult Technical Data Sheet before use)
    • Fading of colors
  • If fading of colors occurs, apply a maintenance coat according to the instructions: 
    • First clean your wood with Exterior Wood Cleaner.
    • Then apply a layer of DuroGrit in the original color. Depending on the degree of fading of the color, dilute DuroGrit with a maximum of 20% water to avoid applying too much product and making the color too opaque.
  • The frequency of maintenance depends on the weather conditions, exposure, geographical situation, solar orientation, wood type (softwood vs hardwood), and color. In normal weather conditions, every 3-5 years.


To set you up for success, please review the DuroGrit tips.

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